RENOLIT ONDEX HELIOTOG sheets are especially designed for photovoltaic roofings.
They are the convenient, efficient and fast solution for farm and industial buildings.
• greenhouses
• warehouses
• buildings for drying
• sheepfolds, henhouses, pigsties, ...
• barns
• storage

Technical characteristics and installation
Thanks to their mechanical qualities and to the PVC characteristics ONDEX HELIOTOG sheets are particulary suitable for photovoltaic roofings.
• Corrosion resistance
• Shock resistance
• Lighting (with the translucide colour)
• Global concept: sheet + fastening
• Durability
• Security
• Lightness (ONDEX sheets + photovoltaic panel = +/- 17 kg/m² )

In partnership with a roofing accessories specialist we developped a stainless steel retaining bracket which eases the installation.
• The loads and forces are distributed
• The link between the rail and the structure is provided
• Waterproofness
• The adjustment of the rail is eased and simplified
• The strain is transferred onto the structure purlins
• The fitting is fast thanks to the integrated angle bracket
• The integration into the roofing is perfect

See installation instructions given in our technical document.